Red Roo – Let the Journey Begin

Following 3 months of red tape in regards to official paperwork de-registering the boat in France and registering it in the UK, things were finally set and ready to sail.

In fairness the time taken to finalise the paperwork was well spent allowing Phil time to really get to know the boat, putting her through drills in Le Havre harbour testing her performance under sail, learning the engine, the wiring, the plumbing, the solar power, the water maker etc.  With immense gratitude and an immensurable thank you to Dietier for his ongoing care and advice and a very thorough hand over of his beloved yacht.

The plan . . . Explore Europe. 

No timeframe, no hurry, no expectations but to enjoy and do so at the mercy of the wind, the tide and the current – not to fight it but to go with it.

Let the adventure begin!