Our Friends

This is what makes the whole experience special, making new friends, sharing culture, customs and laughter with people we meet around the world.  Learning from others, being shown their country first hand and of course sharing with them part of our journey and our Australian background.

This page is dedicated to those whom we meet along the way who have opened their homes, shared meals, offered local advice and wished us well.

Thank You and We Remember You Always

Jean & Yolène ⚓️ Caffè Latte

Yoléne & Jean Caffé Latte

We met the delightful, funny and beautiful Canadians Jean & Yolene sailing Caffe Latte in Morocco over the 2018/2019 Christmas.  We enjoyed many  wines, dinners and Moroccan adventures together confirming a long lasting friendship another wonderful couple to add to our sailing family.  After all the fun times in Morocco, little were we to know how very deep this special friendship was to become.

When we were at our absolute lowest point since our Red Roo adventures began Jean and Yolene stepped in and helped us in so many ways.

Physically they saved Red Roo when she was very vulnerable taking on water and essentially on her way to sinking, when Phil and I were hundreds of kilometres away.  It didn’t end there, they stuck with us and helped in the week following for long hours day after day emptying the water logged contents of the boat, washing, cleaning, recovering what could be saved.

Emotionally & mentally we couldn’t have coped and recovered from that situation without your love and support.  You are forever in our hearts and the guardian angels of Red Roo.  Thank You xx

“There are good ships, wood ships and ships that sail the sea,
but the best ships are friendship and may that always be”

Maree, Jolène, Phil & Jean
The “Red Roo Recovery” Team

David & Kris (Taipan) ⛵️ John, Kara & Dean (Sentijn)

You made winter wonderful.  Stopping for 4 months during a very long, wet, cold and white winter wouldn’t have been possible without your continual support, advice, hospitality, and friendship.  We became quite the family.  Young Dean keeping us all on our toes, has never had so many to fuss over him, and we all enjoyed his delightful giggle and distraction during visits.  Time flew due to your love and companionship and the jobs on all three vessels were done well thanks to the fact that many heads and many drinks can fix anything.

We must go down to the seas again, lets escape this bloody place,
where at night we’re advised: you should carry a can of mace;
And the rain falls, and the sleet falls, and the snow is black with soot
And the nearest grocery store is a long wet haul on foot!

We must go down to the seas again, the New Cuts grown quite old,
for the boat’s quite thoroughly infested with mould;
And the pipes freeze while laundry costs four quid a token
And the internet is slow, whenever it’s not completely broken!

We must go down to the sea again, from this wretched town we’ll fly
What’s kept us sane was the LIDL box and a piece of Maree’s fish pie:
And on “K” dock on the icy nights we hear a plaintiff wailing
And a frantic call and a desperate call – Taipan’s Dutch heater is failing!

We must go down to the seas again, to greener pastures we’ll sail,
To cheaper booze and warmer climes, where there’s no chance of hail;
But what we’ll treasure are the times with each laughing fellow rover,
Because after a dozen gallons of wine, the Ipswich winters finally over

Based on Sea Fever by John Masefield, adapted for Sentijn, Taipan and Red Roo in Ipswich by John & Kara

Sentijn – John, Kara & Dean
Taipan – David & Kris

Suffolk Family
Pat, Sam, Clare & Andy, Alex & Andy, George & Caroline

Words can’t say thank you enough for all you did for us over our stay.  A much appreciated break from the boat (yes sleep in a real bed, used a real toilet and shower and sat in a real chair….. ahh bliss) we loved spending Christmas with you all as well as Pat’s special birthday.  Thanks to each of you for showing us around Suffolk, spending time with us, days out exploring and visiting us on board Red Roo in Ipswich (and to George and Caroline for making the trip to Edinburgh to catch up with us).  Also to Oliver, Annabel, William, Christopher, Melissa and Katie, it was great to spend time with the next generation (all young adults), you made Christmas and Pat’s 80th very special, and the spectacular finale with the wonderful custom farewell Red Roo cake ☺

We have now spent two winters in the UK and it is certainly our second home.  The first being Red Roo (where ever in the world she may be), and Australia now coming in third to the UK.   Maree has also used our Suffolk family as a base for a yearly (visa enforced) break from Europe (Schengen rules), this has been invaluable enabling us to continue our journey without having to return to Australia and minimising our time away from the boat.  We have made special memories and bonds formed that will last forever – you are all lifetime members of the Red Roo Crew.

Wendy and Michael

Great to spend time with family (Phil’s cousins), and especially great to visit Padstow (where Phil’s mother was born and raised).  Due to the family connections it is also where Red Roo is registered.  We had such a great time with Wendy, Mike, Mark, Caroline, Victoria and of course Reg.  Many a great day trips out in the region with Mike driving and Wendy navigating (a nice rest for us) and saw so much of Cornwall thanks to their generosity.  It was also nice to have them all aboard Red Roo in the historic harbour whilst the May Day celebrations were going on around the quay and town.  Mike was a great host for the celebrations and helped us get to right spots at the right time to see the Oss!!

Now 4 years into the Red Roo Voyages Wendy & Mike continue to be huge supporters and enablers helping us continue our journey.  Besides Wendy being our biggest blog fan, we adore the regular emails boosting our spirits as well as acting as our UK agent for parcels collating them and sending them onto which ever port we may be in.  We couldn’t do it without you both. Thank You xx

Paul, Sharon, Jirra, Odin – S.V. Midnight Sun

Not sure words are enough to thank you for all you have done for us both, your ongoing encouragement, your understanding and you constantly inspire us.  All the sailing done with Phil back in Victoria and Tasmania all leading to the BIG adventure of sailing from Tasmania to Alaska and taking Phil as crew. Also Jirra and Odin our two favourite sailing juniors in the world, the most adventurous kids we know who will try anything (and most likely be the best at it).  Phil will never forget the memories of sailing with you all, sharing in your adventures and watching the boys grow and mature.

Kirby Family
The Kirby Family on Midnight Sun

Didier and Muriel


Didier and Muriel commissioned the build of the Alliage 38 in 2004 which they named “Steredenn Mor”. The adventure wouldn’t be the same in any other vessel, we love her more than words, she is our home and our life, providing us with unlimited opportunities, magnificent adventures and safe shelter. Immense gratitude to you both for all you did for me when buying your boat, without your help it would have been a very difficult process and your assistance as well as a very thorough hand over of your beloved yacht to its new owner as well as ongoing care and advice in regards to the intricacies of sailing the French coast.


Tony and Jenny – Freja

The yacht at Lundy who followed us all the way to Kilmore Quay and then took the short cut to beat us in!!!  We shared our first true Irish Guinness (and bangers and mash) with them and the rest as they say is history.  We kept bumping into them around the south and west coast of Ireland (always great for them to get in first and take our lines!).  Each reunion involved a few drinks and even more laughs.  Now our best sailing buddies who have been ever so generous as we have stayed with them in their home in England on more than one occasion, they have driven us around, feed us and been the best of friends, as well as sharing so much valuable information on sailing in England and Holland.  Hopefully we can pay it forward (or back to you) in some small way as you continue to sail the remainder of Ireland and Scotland (we won that race . . . it’s always a race).  I did try to incorporate our “one quick drink” at Darrynane into this story but in no way could I do it justice, and I don’t think anyone would really understand how funny it was – but we will never forget it ☺  Looking forward to seeing you again sometime and visiting the house to check on the hedge growth.

The Freya’s & Phil in Dingle at the Haberdashery/Pub

Rob & Jo – Cyclone of Langestone

A fellow UK ensign spotted at Dokkum which led to quite the shared journey through the remainder of The Netherlands, Germany, into Poland and beyond.   We acted as Cyclone of Langstone’s official photography boat (having taken a lot of pictures of them – mostly as they were overtaking us).  They acted as our shore line crew (thats what you get for overtaking us and getting to port first!).  It was fantastic sharing the journey and the very special treat of a meal out in a real restaurant, as well as sharing many drinks in the orangery (I know you are concerned by Maree’s drinking habits, meaning her lack of alcohol consumption).  Can’t thank you enough for also taking care of the Captain when the Crew went out on R&R leaving him to solo for a short while!


Rob & Jo Cyclone of Langstone passing us . . . again!

Honri & Marie – SV Luskell  

When we grow up we want to be like you!  So lovely to spend time with you both on the west coast of Ireland – particularly our walk to the Dun Duchathair on Inishmore.  Your advice on Scotland and charts for our future passages was also invaluable.  We loved your laughter and attitude towards life, such wonderful people and a great vessel in SV Luskell – built by Honri!

Sv Luskell Flying 

Ginger & Dick – Alchemy

The Roo’s & the Alchemy’s

Seemed to be the only other boat north of Dingle on the west coast of Ireland and that  sure suited us, it was lovely to keep meeting up even if it was 442m above sea level on top of Diamond Hill in Letterfrack!!  We were anchored miles apart in different locations – what are the chances! We enjoyed spending time with you and a big thanks for all your sailing notes on Scotland and the Baltic, all those little gems of information not included in guides and charts as well as what to do & see when exploring the regions – invaluable.

Shaun – Union Hall Smoke House

Shaun (right)

A kind wave on the river, a chat about the basking sharks and who we were and what we were doing … We offered him some freshly caught mackerel that was todays catch – only to learn his family business is a fish smoke house!  This led to a very kind tour of his business Union Hall Smoke House and a very generous gift of some of his produce!  Very, very, very delicious, if you haven’t tried it people you must!!!   Available in many shops (we stocked up each time we saw it).  Thank you Shaun and glad you have fond memories of your visit down under.

IPhone 2030






David & Moira – Trimilia

And of course the gorgeous Bolly, dare I say the best neighbours ever (don’t tell Jon, Bev, James or Paul!)  Helped us out immeasurably when we arrived exhausted after 13 months non stop sailing and finally tied up for a rest only to start dropping things in the water! (both of us… Maree the camera & Phil the cordless drill).  You wouldn’t believe it but that was the first things we have ever lost overboard (except for a boat hook Phil donated to the sea gods in Scotland).  Anyway, thanks for the camera and the hook to help us retirieve them (and for those reading this the memory card on the camera was undamaged and we were able to get all the pictures off the camera – YAY).  You have a lovely boat/home and are great people to share a drink or 10 with, not sure we would have made it through the winter without your weekend lights declaring beer o’clock.

Trimilia Captain & Crew (near) & Phoenix Captain Jon in hammock (top centre) photo credit Trimilia

Jon – Phoenix

Best neighbour ever (don’t tell Trimilia!).  Was great getting to know you over our break in Ipswich and we still laugh at your great humour and quick wit.   Thanks for rescuing us when our key broke off in the lock and for “inspiring” us with your Christmas lights display – can’t believe you didn’t win the competition – ripped off ….. but the winners (ours) were pretty damn good!  2017 competition Phoenix will win for sure ☺

Christiane and Luc – Alioth

998The words “merci beaucoup” do not seem to cover the generosity and times shared with Christiane and Luc of Barfleur who not only welcomed us into their home on many occasions for meals, provided us with a bed when Red Roo was too far away after too many drinks, shared with us great local knowledge on the coastal sailing in the region, as well as inspiring us with tales from “Alitoth” and their Cape Horn voyage but furthermore included us in their life and introduced us to many of their dearest friends who in turn are now friends of ours.  So many great times shared (including the Barfleur telethon night walk, days out exploring Cap de la Hague and Christmas Eve just to name a few) and it all started with the mutual love of Alliage Boats.  Luc and Christiane along with brother Dominique sailed Alioth (Alliage 52) around the world (incorporating a trip to Uluru from Darwin on the Australian leg).  We were lucky enough to be put in contact with them and met in Saint Vasst La Houge and the rest as they say is history.  Thank you Christiane and Luc for making us so welcome, you are very much the highlight of our time in Saint Vasst La Houge, Cherbourg and surrounds of Normandy, making it such a great experience for us.

The Normandy Team on board Red Roo.  Photo Credit Gerard

Gerard and Sabine – Captain Haddock (The Mayor)

Sabine & Captain Haddock

Captain Haddock (a fellow kindred spirit with Phil, they both enjoy the adventures of Tin Tin) and the beautiful Sabine who keeps the Mayor under control.  Sabine and Gerard made us very welcome into their home “Manor de Tourps” for Maree’s birthday and New Years Eve celebrations including a spectacular fireworks display! They and also visted us on Red Roo in both Saint Vaast la Hougue and Cherbourg.  We enjoyed many a “photo-con” smiling for our “Mate” Gerard who always has his camera ready to capture all that happens, as well as many amusing emails and humorous photo-shop creations post gatherings.  Always smile when we think of the adventures shared.

Laurance and Dominque – Captain Calvados

Dominique & Calvados

We shall never forget our introduction to Dominique during the telethon charity walk, he smiled and then opened his coat to reveal a bottle of Calvados – the local spirit!  A sip to be social kept Phil warm all night and was the start of many salutes and cheers followed by a shot of calvados.  We were educated as to the many ways to incorporate it into our diet; chocolate calvados, saint jacques scallops in calvados sauce and even calvados fruit salad ☺  Domonique also visited Red Roo in Cherbourg for afternoon tea of scones (& calvados!).  He was also our tour guide on a day out to white swamps and surrounds.  The wonderful Laurence wins our vote for the most caring and generous school teacher in all of France, we loved her conversations and was an immense help with our limited French and inspiring with her great English!  A wonderful family with both Alexis and Basil true gentlemen in the making.

Our Normandie Friends

Bon Anaversaire Celebrations, Christmas Eve Crew and New Years Party People;

Domonique and Ariel thank you for transporting us to more than one of the gatherings and your knowledge on all things sailing.

Nanette and Allan whom also visited Red Roo whilst in Cherbourg and with whom we shared many laughs with, a wonderful couple whom are always smiling and always have a tale to tell.

Elizabeth who also collected us from Cherbourg to ensure we made it to all the social events and whom also made it to the Red Roo farewell to wave us a fond farewell.

As well as many others we met through this wonderful group
of people – thank you for the memories.

Christmas Eve Barfleur 2015.  Photo Credit Gerard
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