The Crew

Captain – Phil

p1230680eAfter being exposed to various boats, yachts & elements of sailing on and off all his life Phil made the plunge into sailing life full time with a two part adventure initially from Tasmania to New Zealand and then part two being from New Zeland onto Alaska (via Hawaii) as crew aboard Midnight Sun with lifelong friends Paul, Sharon, Jirra & Odin. This is where Phil caught the sailing life bug and started searching the world for our own vessel. The search took him to view boats around the world in many countries before a visit to French Polynesia to view an Ovni brought him face to face with an Alliage.  From that point forward our search narrowed knowing an Alliage was what we wanted and finally in 2015 we found “the one” located in France and purchased our new home, beloved boat and began the adventure.

First Mate – Maree

17331Having met Phil when both working for the same company in outback South Australia in 2003 and then listening for the next 10+ years of his plan to one day buy a boat and sail into the sunset it was certainly an adventure I was keen to join in on.  With zero sailing experience (never been on a yacht) but certainly knowing my way around a 12 foot tinny and a fishing rod, (even holding a boat licence) and always having loved the ocean (spending more time in it rather than on it) how hard could it be??  So we packed up life in Australia and flew to France where Red Roo awaited and casted off for the long journey home via the world.  An adventurous Tasmanian by birth who eventually moved to the “big island” (Australia) as an adult and then spent 13 years working in the mining industry 600km inland, north of Adelaide (a long way from the ocean and where the adventures of Phil and Maree began) before leaving Australia to call the sea my home.


 An adventure shared is an adventure enjoyed and remembered x





We Found Paradise in Finland
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