Month: July 2017

Åland Islands – Sandö, Kobba Klintar & Mariehamn

West we must travel, we need to get to the Åland Islands and onto Sweden, we could easily spend another month in in these Finish islands (visiting every sauna – not), but we really should save some sunny days for the Swedish Archipelago, which… Continue Reading “Åland Islands – Sandö, Kobba Klintar & Mariehamn”

Finland Archipelago Part II – Did you know there are cows in heaven?

Örö, Hummelholmen, Björkö, Jurmo, Aspö, Österskär & Jungfruskär Örö After two nights in Hanko the winds had abated and we were off again destination Örö. Örö was a closed military zone for over one hundred years and only re-opened to the public in 2015. … Continue Reading “Finland Archipelago Part II – Did you know there are cows in heaven?”

Finland Archipelago Part I – 5 Locations, 6 Nights & 7 BBQ’s

Gåsgrund, Stora Svartö, Elisaari / Älgsjö, Alglo Island, Älgö Rödjan & Hanko Warning; this is going to be a long one (in fact it is so long I have decided to split it into two parts, purely to make it less taxing on you). … Continue Reading “Finland Archipelago Part I – 5 Locations, 6 Nights & 7 BBQ’s”

24 Hours in Helsinki

Well actually 2 nights & 1 day but the title above works better, regardless of the time and title we thought Helsinki was great! A day sail from Tallinn (Estoina) across to Helsinki of 45 nautical miles, with two very distinct halves in the… Continue Reading “24 Hours in Helsinki”