Month: May 2016

Ardmore Bay

Sunshine oh glorious sunshine. Hardly any wind so very, very slow in the boat but oh so beautiful. And to top off an awesome day on the water there were also basking sharks in the water (spotted 6 of them in the area) and… Continue Reading “Ardmore Bay”

Dunmore East

The entrance of the River Barrow (where we were up at Waterford).  We rafted the fishing boats on the pier to set ourselves up to leave tomorrow and head west across the bottom coast of Ireland.    Phil has learnt that this part of… Continue Reading “Dunmore East”


Got to say we were both a little disappointed with Waterford.  It was a long way up the river to the city (over 3 hours motoring from the sea) and the city was dissapointing and the facilities for yachts were terrible in fact the… Continue Reading “Waterford”

Kilmore Quay – Republic Of Ireland

Republic of Ireland ☺ Country number 5!  A great crossing with good wind in the sails and doing an average of 5-6 knots for the 12 hour passage.  All settled in and secure in Kilmore Quay by 5pm it was of course time for… Continue Reading “Kilmore Quay – Republic Of Ireland”

Skomer Island

Puffins, hundreds and thousands of Puffins and other birds nowhere near as cute or endearing therefore will not bother to name them, nor mention them again.  After not seeing any puffins at Lundy is was an absolute treat to see them everywhere on Skomer. … Continue Reading “Skomer Island”

Milford Haven – Wales

Our forth country and Milford Haven I am sure isn’t exactly the jewel in the crown as far as the best place to visit in the country of Wales, however it was sufficient for our needs, those being to sort a couple of issues… Continue Reading “Milford Haven – Wales”

Lundy Island

Our first encounter with fog, thick fog, frightening fog.  We had sailed north from Padstow and anchored for the night on the west of the island.  Slept well and arose to a calm sea and got organised to sail on (we had no intentions… Continue Reading “Lundy Island”

Padstow – May Day!

We were also fortunate enough to be in Padstow for May Day. To be in the very centre of this event in the harbour was a truly magical experience, the celebrations are all around the harbour and the festivities started days before and went… Continue Reading “Padstow – May Day!”

Padstow – Red Roo’s Home Port

And here we are Padstow Red Roo’s registered home port – a milestone!!!  The boat has never been here (until now) being built and brought in France however when purchased it had to be re-registered and with Phil having dual passports (UK and Australian)… Continue Reading “Padstow – Red Roo’s Home Port”