Month: April 2017

Germany – Brunsbuttel

We are now in Germany 🇩🇪 We departed Lauwersoog at midday arriving outside the Kiel Canal (western lock) about 2pm the following day.  We then had to wait until after 15:30 to enter the Canal and finally tied up at Brusbuttel around 4pm. Good… Continue Reading “Germany – Brunsbuttel”

Dokkum & Lauwersoog

Before we talk about Dokkum lets relive our passage through Burdaard. Burdaard consists of a bridge 200 meters of canal front houses and then a second bridge.  Lovely one could say, and yes it was very pretty, however it was also the place we… Continue Reading “Dokkum & Lauwersoog”


A city of bridges with 6 in total to transit.  The first of those being quite unique.  Most of the bridges we encounter either swing open or go straight up from one hinge, or some of the bigger ones actually have a tower at… Continue Reading “Leeuwarden”

Pikmar (Grou)


When you have a lifting keel (centreboard) make the most of it and visit the places that most boats can’t get to due to the shallow depths, this for us meant taking the small side canal to Sloten – the smallest city in the… Continue Reading “Sloten”


Heading to Lemmer across the IJsselmeer we knew this would be our last chance to sail in The Netherlands as the remainder of our time would be once again in the canals before popping out into the north sea to Germany, and it was… Continue Reading “Lemmer”


Strong winds on the meer today sailing from Hoorn to Enkhuizen gusting to 25knots so a quick sail and lots of boats out and about (this being the last day of the long weekend). There is a lock to pass through separating the Markermeer… Continue Reading “Enkhuizen”


Nice to be back out onto a meer (big enough to sail in) rather than the canals, and up with sails Red Roo took the breeze with a lovely sail across to Hoorn. Having spent the majority of the day cycling back and forth… Continue Reading “Hoorn”


Easter weekend and the Easter Bunny visited Red Roo TWICE!  Saturday morning the captain awoke to find some chocolates left by fore mentioned bunny which apparently was a day early and therefore the captain voiced his expectation that he would also come again Sunday… Continue Reading “Volendam”


We are not in Roxby Downs anymore . . . talk about an eye opener for the innocent Tasmanian (Phil having visited before in his youth – a much more exciting visit for him then I am sure!). Such a mix of pace, people,… Continue Reading “Amsterdam”