IPhone 2186
Red Roo Dressed in her Flags for the Galway Maritime Festival
Triathlon Winners

With plenty to occupy us in this old city it wasn’t a chore to stay two weeks avoiding rough seas and more unsettled weather.  The first weekend we enjoyed the annual ultra triathlon (3.8km swim, 180km bike ride & finish off with a cool 42.2km run!) with the course leading participants on their running leg (loop) straight past the boat (prime viewing), with the finish line, party area, marquees and food stalls being on the other side of the basin a short 2 minute walk away.

The second weekend we were again in prime position for the maritime festival which appropriately was being conducted in the marina basin and he surrounding pavement – our doorstep!  This 3 day event kept us most entertained starting on the Friday, which we later learnt was staff day and the exhibition only being open to staff and families and included a meal, drink and as much icecream as you can eat, however being in the marina we used the small inside gate that leads to the rubbish bins to slip into this staff event (at that time not knowing it was a restricted event) and made the most of the staff day, enjoying the exhibits with a very few people, fine foods and for Captain Phil lots and lots of ice cream.

Really . . . I don’t think so Phil!
Making Friends

The festival was fantastic, lots of people, sunshine, a load of interesting displays from the Irish Lighthouse Association, to the Buoy Maintenance Ships, to cooking classes, old rigger ships, seafood stalls, music and more.

Red Roo was dressed up again in her flags alongside Alchemy also in the basin next to us.  They were also giving away packets of fish lollies of which over the weekend Phil managed to bring 34 packets back to the boat to keep our energy levels up whilst sailing the remainder of Ireland.

Red Roo and Alchemy
Alchemy Dick & Ginger

The atmosphere in Galway was exciting as it was their Summer season and the streets were alive with Music and people.  The central part of the town was car free, so wide cobblestone pedestrian only streets with shops spilling outside into the streets.

Some really pretty houses and walks along the canals in Galway also, and even saw the fish (salmon) jumping upstream.


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