Buckie, Peterhead & Arbroath

Welcome to the North Sea – uuuggghhhhh!

After the sheltered lochs of Scotland then the sheltered Caledonian Canal the north sea is reminding us how good we had it.  Very shallow (6-8 meters a few miles out off the coast) and the smallest wind (which we need to sail) creates a short sharp chop on the water equalling an uncomfortable passage!

Anyway the wind is good for sailing, so miles we shall sail – next milestone will be Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.  We have heard many great things about this city and looking forward to visiting.

Anyway we zoomed down the coast with three big legs over three days, spending all day on the water leaving an hour before dark for a quick walk around the towns we overnighted at, those being Buckie, Peterhead and Arbroath (2 nights).

Buckie – small fishing village.

Peterhead – larger port and big shipping operations.

Arbroath – a shipping village famous for it’s smokies (smoked fish).

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