The biggest city we will visit in Germany and also our last with Poland being a day sail away.

We did the customary walk and found the remains of the fortification walls of the city, surrounded by water now turned into parklands.  Again another hanseatic city and with the accompanying old buildings to find and stare at in awe.

Much to my disgust I have been fishing almost every sail since arriving in the Baltic Sea without success.  To my defence however we are usually moving to quickly in the water for our traveling line to be effective however I am still very upset by not having reeled anything in, lucky we have kept our fish intake up however as since Lubeck we have developed a habit of eating the local delicacy of Fischbrötchen for lunch, which are raw (or pickled) fish (usually herring), on a roll with lettuce and raw white onion, these are very cheap and very delicious and we again enjoyed them here.

From the boat at Stralsund we could see all the fisherman on the concrete breakwater reeling in herring and lots of them, at time you could also see them breaking the water in the marina as they fed.  Phil took a rod up to the wall to bring us home a feed – lucky I had a back up plan as the bucket came home empty.  The excuse being that he didn’t have the correct real or long rod for casting a long way out which is where they were catching them.

We timed our departure along with the bridge opening that connects the island of Bergen to Stralsund.  We were headed south east towards Poland but planned to anchor for the night before arriving as the wind has now disappeared completely so to compensate for the required motoring we enjoyed a tranquil night on anchor and I am also very pleased to also inform that we also ate fresh fish that I caught during the trip for dinner!


Just as I was about to declare that there were no fish in Germany I reeled in a very decent 73 cm size Garfish!  Skinny but long enough to get some good fillets off, lots of small bones but those that don’t cook soft turn iridescent blue/green so are easy to find and pick out.  We fired up the cobb in the cockpit to enjoy not only the fish but the view as we were anchored off a beautiful white sand beach backed by forest.  The cobb being now declared a great investment as we have now enjoyed many meals, having success with each method of fuel and cooking we try . . . and I even cooked an apple pie on it this evening on anchor after we had our fish and potatoes as the bricketts last a good two hours all up, so was able to boil (or stew) the apples in a saucepan over the heat then cook the pasty and pie – delicious!!  Next stop Poland.

Anchorage with a beach view

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