Le Havre

Le Havre is also where Maree joined Red Roo as “crew” in October 2015 and first entered the world of sailing and sea life with personal tuition at the Captain Phil Sailing School.  With a management career in learning, training and development there have been some times when I have questioned his teaching methods, with the answer to most of my “why” questions being “because I said so” and I have to admit I have also found it challenging no longer being the boss but it’s all part of the experience and sometimes the best way to learn is by your mistakes (or by Phil’s) so they say!

Whilst I have blurred memories of first stepping aboard Red Roo thanks to jet lag hitting at that exact moment, I shall never forget my first sail – magical!  The afternoon sun setting amongst the sails the feeling of peacefulness, of course I have come to understand these perfect days on the water are few and far between, but thanks Phil and Red Roo for that first wonderful experience.

The first sail (this took place before the boat renaming ceremony – mentioned in previous post).

Le Havre was also my first exposure to France and the French culture, all of which I find fascinating, and the language try as I might, challenging.  Adventures and day trips around the region provided plenty of “kodak moments” and learning opportunities to understand French history.


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