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Red Roo in Honfleur Centre Basin

Our first passage sail, not very far – 12 nautical miles, but we had waves, wind and of course rain!  Everything went to plan with us catching the tide up the river into Honfleur.

Bridge opening into Honfleur Centre Basin

Also, nothing like a challenge on your first sail – we had a lock (ecluise) to negotiate to get into the town.  I am pleased to report that the crew nailed her first attempt at the lines (tying us up) in the lock and the pontoon berths in town (we had to berth twice, once on the waiting pontoon before the bridge opened into the town basin, then our permanent berth).

The perfect old style French village – very picturesque.  A real magical setting as we were the only yacht in the town basin berthed on the main street below the alfresco dining and shops – try as we might the thousand pictures we took really don’t the setting justice.  We enjoyed many walks taking in all the historic buildings and monuments.

IPhone 1322
Phil cleaning up in the town baths

Markets twice a week with farmers selling produce direct to the community, lots of gorgeous fruit and vegetables at very cheap prices.  Many shops selling cider made from the surrounding areas, many sampled and many purchased (but now looking back not nearly enough!).  The carnival was also in town for the weekend and much to Phil’s disappointment the French don’t seem to do dagwood dogs!

IPhone 1335
Town Water Supply

One rainy day we caught the bus and did a day trip to Douville and Truville, both seaside cities (separated by the river and a bridge but basically together) obviously for the rich and famous day trippers from Paris whom want a day at the beach, very flash.




IPhone 1310
Notre Dame de Grace Church Honfleur
IPhone 1311
Notre Dame de Grace Church Bells (still used)
Making Friends In Honfleur


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