09/12/2015 – 16/01/2016

Sunrise enroute to Cherbourg

Our passage took us past Cape Levi, Phil told me tales of that being the place that Levi jeans originated from, apparently some bored light house keeper got creative with his cotton and thread and there you have it Levi Jeans – Yeah Right!

Cherbourg harbour is the largest man made harbour in France built between 17th and 18th centuries and covers an area of 1,500 hectares.

Enjoyed spending time with our Normandy friends for birthday’s, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, as well as some great days out touring the region with them – see friends page.


Cooked Christmas lunch aboard Red Roo and had John and Jan from Winfrith over to share in the day, with roast chicken & gammon all the vegies and trimmings as well as a pavlova to enjoy.

A wonderful farewell from friends all coming to say farewell (laden with gifts of chocolate, biscuits and champagne) and such a bitter sweet feeling as we finally (after 6 weeks) leave Cherbourg to have them all waving to us from the end of the breakwater!

DSC_0018 (2)
A Fond Farewell From Friends Waving Us Goodbye




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