Alderney – The Channel Islands

Cherbourg to Alderney

Departed Cherbourg dock at 11:20 arrived Alderney 16:40 (another short sail but a tricky navigation with the tidal streams and tides known as the “Alderney Race” a distance of 25.28 nautical miles).

Good weather however had to motor/sail entire passage as winds were 8-12 knots North, North West and not correct to time the journey as required to clear the Alderney race at the correct tide.  Seas were less than a meter.  Arrived one hour early at ‘la Plate’ way-point and endured a rough 30 minutes in swell but nothing too uncomfortable and all was ok.

Picked up our first mooring buoy without too much difficulty on our first attempt.

Made contact with Harbour Master and Customs and ok to come ashore next morning to clear customs.

Again enjoying off season travelling with our choice of all buoys in the harbour.  Had an yacht on the next buoy from France for one night but they didn’t even go ashore.

Tax Free Chandlers – not quite what we were expecting!

The long awaited purchase of the outboard motor for “Joey” (the dingy).  Captain had set this up months in advance from Le Havre and it seemed like it took us forever (a lot longer than originally planned) to get Alderney to get it – Alderney being tax free!

Everyone we met on the island was so helpful and easy going.  Jake from the boat yard who sold us the outboard said if it starts to rain during our walk around the island he would come and collect us in his car!

IPhone 1433
New Dingy Outboard Motor

The people at the yacht club invited us in for afternoon tea (literally tea/coffee and cake/scones), they do it twice a week to get people out and about, one of the locals was so impressed we were all the way from Australia they insisted on buying our tea and cake.  Furthermore the Yacht Club gave us free use of the toilets and showers anytime – they simply left the whole yacht club unlocked!  They even said if it was rough or cold to come in and sleep on the couches in the lounge!  We were fine on the boat but nice of them to offer as we did endure force 8 winds (up to 40  mile hour winds) on the mooring buoy and it was too rough to dingy to shore, was cold (heater wouldn’t work as fuel was sloshing around too much) and very rolly in boat, but was fine we ended up just going to bed reading and snoozing most of the day.

Calm Before The Storm Alderney Harbour

Spent a great day walking the circumference of the island, so peaceful hardly anyone about, great coastal paths along the beaches and across the farm fields.

1210 (1)
Alderney Lighthouse

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