Jersey – The Channel Islands

Home of Jersey Royal Potatoes and didn’t we enjoy them whilst we were visiting!  First ones were being harvested while we were there YUM YUM.  Also saw some Jersey Cows, and tasted our share of Jersey Ice Cream.

IPhone 1492
Jersey Beaches

I confidently say there are not many roads on this island that we didn’t cycle.  So great packing a picnic each day and setting off on the bikes.  Many of the roads are “green roads” which are single lane width and dedicated to cycling, horses or walking through fields, farms along the coast.  Became fans of “Me and the Farmer” the pork farm produce and visited their van each week for a hot pastie and to buy and take home our weekly sausages, bacon and mince.

Brought a guitar each, as both have a desire to learn this craft.  We figure we have enough time to spend 3 minutes a day practising – that lasted about a month and we are no further progressed….I must get back onto it!!

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