A nice short hop of around 20 nautical miles brought us to the holiday haven of Salcombe (thanks for the recomendadtion Roger).


Hills filled with holiday homes lead down to some lovely sandy beaches and a river dotted with yachts on mooring buoys.  Very pretty.

IPhone 1662

We spent Easter long weekend here and it became very obvious very quick that this was a favourite holiday weekend spot and the locals told us out of season the place is mostly deserted.

We enjoyed the coastal cliff path walks in both directions (back towards Dartmouth and further West).

Making Friends with the Locals

We also had a night away from the boat in the nearby city of Plymouth.  We caught the bus there and a train then bus back the next day.  This set us up with phone and wifi for the UK without the need to take Red Roo into the busy and expensive harbour (adding extra miles not needed for any other reason).

“Joey” the dingy getting plenty of work since arriving in England

Although we were on a pontoon (another floating one in the river) we endured a very windy and rainy night.  News reports the next day reported some areas in the regions getting hit by 100mile winds, it sure felt like it to us during the night.  It wasn’t rough but very loud and especially when the wind got into the head sail of racing yacht on a buoy next us, opening it up and flapping and tearing it to shreds.  So loud it sounded like a gun being fired every-time it flapped, and it flapped continuously for a few hours until it shredded enough for the noise to ebate.  There was nothing we could do to save it as it was too dangerous to get in the dingy and attempt to go over and drop his sail.  The owner came out the next day and no hope of a repair a whole new sail will be needed.


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