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Another Year on Red Roo Our 2018 Wrap Up

Wow – another year over and it has absolutely flown by, I can’t believe we have been doing this for three and a half years now and have just spent our 4th Christmas on the boat!  We have the rigging of the Christmas boat… Continue Reading “Another Year on Red Roo Our 2018 Wrap Up”

2018 Begins – United Kingdom to the Channel Islands

Saturday 5th May and finally we are away again, let the 2018 adventures begin! It was a lovely farewell from our marina family in Ipswich, with crews from Trimilia, Navigare & Phoenix all turning out on J Pontoon to wave us off.  Many goodbyes,… Continue Reading “2018 Begins – United Kingdom to the Channel Islands”

Waiting out Winter

Well it certainly isn’t all beaches and bikini’s living on a yacht, certainly not this far north thats for sure.  It has been a long, cold, wet, white and expensive off season for us.   We arrived back in the UK on December 19,… Continue Reading “Waiting out Winter”

Another Night on the North Sea – The Last Passage for 2017.

We had actually started to think we would be spending Christmas in Holland, and had left our run to the UK too late BUT finally, after two weeks in Vlissingen waiting for suitable weather to cross the North Sea to Ipswich (for winter) an… Continue Reading “Another Night on the North Sea – The Last Passage for 2017.”

Pirates of Disneyland

I know its a total contradiction to the idea of a break but we have returned from our break even more exhausted than when we left, BUT with massive smiles on our faces and so very very happy after spending some very special time… Continue Reading “Pirates of Disneyland”


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  London was decorated very elaborately much more so than we see in Australia but I guess the winter weather suits it better over this side of the globe. The marina at Ipswich is running a best… Continue Reading “Ipswich”


Made it to the big smoke – whoo hoo but it wasn’t without a little excitement, not everything went to plan.  We had to motor all day against with the wind dead against us and half a day also pushing the tide and just… Continue Reading “London”


A full day on the water brought us into Queenborough right on dark (the days are definitely getting shorter).  This is the best spot to stop around the mouth of the Themes.  All set to go up to London tomorrow.  Didn’t go to shore… Continue Reading “Queenborough”


Making good time and our booking confirmed in London in two days time the 9th of November (with our Aussie visitor arriving on the 11th November). We stopped for the weekend at Shotley as it was the closest place (without going miles up the… Continue Reading “Shotley”

Blythe, Whitby & Lowestoft

Time to make tracks again leaving Scotland and heading south for the big smoke London!  We have 9 days before our visitor (Maree’s Mum) arrives from Australia and we plan on being berthed in the River Themes at least the day before she arrives…hopefully! … Continue Reading “Blythe, Whitby & Lowestoft”