Newlyn & St Michaels Mount

First night back in a marina since arriving in the UK, that’s 30 days not connected to land therefore generating our own power (wind and solar), using our own water supplies etc both impressed that we still had the power bank at 74% when we plugged into shore services.

Red Roo amongst the Fishing Boats

Newlyn is a fishing port, a very active fishing port with large commercial fishing boats arriving day and night, unloading into semi-trailers and trucks and also a large commercial fishing processing plant on the quay.

We rode our bikes along the coastal bay around to Marazion to visit the national trust property (island and castle) of St Michaels Mount.  Just spectacular.  It has been kept “as is” from when it was donated to the trust over 20 years ago.  It came almost fully furnished and is it very easy to spend the day admiring the gardens, the castle and the interior. Part of the castle and grounds are still lived in by the family (and obviously out of bounds for visitors).  The castle is on an island a couple of kilometers out in the bay and is only accessible via a land spit at low tide.  We took the boat over at high tide then was able to walk back at low tide.  The island was a town/community itself with cottages for castle staff (now national trust caretakers) and back in the day there were rather self-sufficient with their own water, dairy, gardens, etc.  A great day out (despite the rain and wind).

The following day we walked south/west to the next village called “Mousehole” which is a wee little harbour that pretty much dries to a sand beach at low tide, very small, very cute and a nice walk.

Watched the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Association) do practice drills in the bay in the wet windy weather (but I guess most rescues are done in less than perfect conditions).  The RNLI to England is the equivalent to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia – both critical to the nations in saving lives.   It was interesting to watch them do the helicopter lifts in and out of the water – hopefully we never see them in action for real.

IPhone 1777
RLNI practicing at Newlyn (next to us)

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