Milford Haven – Wales

Our forth country and Milford Haven I am sure isn’t exactly the jewel in the crown as far as the best place to visit in the country of Wales, however it was sufficient for our needs, those being to sort a couple of issues with the boat.

Milford Haven is a large industrial centre with many petrochemical plants along the river and associated large shipping to go with (no pictures of those as they are not exactly pretty).  Also many yacht harbours up the river as well as chandlers (yacht shops) which was what we needed to fix an issue with our refrigerator.  It normally automatically cuts in and out to keep at the required or set temperature however this function wasn’t working and we were manually having to run it (or turn it off so it wasn’t continually running) which isn’t a big deal but it is much better when it does it automatically.  We found an electrical engineer who assisted with the problem and it also have the Captain a chance to pull the head (a fancy name for the onboard toilet) apart and clean the pipes – he gets all the good jobs).  We had been using a bucket for a couple of days since the pipes blocked whilst at Lundy.

Red Roo at Pembroke Dock

We did take a day out whilst waiting on parts to arrive to walk to Pembroke Castle and explore the region, Pembroke Castle a medieval castle built in 1093 and a major site in the Norman invasion.  More recently however it was featured in the film “Me before You” based on the book by Jo Jo Moyes.  Jobs done we left Milford Haven ready to head to Ireland.

Pembroke Castle
Maree going in – hoping to meet a King!
The outside moat

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