Skomer Island

Puffins, hundreds and thousands of Puffins and other birds nowhere near as cute or endearing therefore will not bother to name them, nor mention them again.  After not seeing any puffins at Lundy is was an absolute treat to see them everywhere on Skomer.  In the water around the boat, on the cliffs, in the grass, in nests, walking across the paths in front of you literally meters away.  They are obviously used to the people watching them and taking pictures.

Puffins Five Ways!

Here is where I must put my hand up and confess to not being a bird fan, Phil however enjoys identifying and naming all the birds we see continuing in vain to impress them upon me, whereas it’s not something I feel the need to learn.  As a huge nature and animal lover it is a little strange that I don’t find birds endearing in fact quite the opposite, but puffins well they have just done a considerable good job of changing my mindset.

And some more

They are so adorable and clumsy.  They are sea birds living on the sea and only coming to land each year to bread. They fly but they do not look comfortable or in any way sleek they flap their wings up to 400 times a minute in flight but don’t bother folding in their legs, they just leave them sticking out and look funny.

Legs our to fly – not exactly aerodynamic

Had a great day watching these little fellas and stayed the night in the bay on the mooring buoy watching them swoop, swim and fish around the boat until dark.

Arriving on Skomer in Joey the Dingy
Red Roo on a mooring buoy at Skomer

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