Kilmore Quay – Republic Of Ireland

Republic of Ireland ☺ Country number 5!  A great crossing with good wind in the sails and doing an average of 5-6 knots for the 12 hour passage.  All settled in and secure in Kilmore Quay by 5pm it was of course time for a local brew so off to the closest pub for a Guinness, we are both fans of this fulfilling brew and I must say these couple tasted particularly great.

IPhone 1946
When in Ireland

The first gent we met at the pub was “Paddy” (I tell no lies) and he was 163 not out, short and only had one front tooth and the conversation that followed had to be passed though the lady behind the bar to us as his thick accent meant we couldn’t understand a word he said!  Classic!

We also met Tony & Jenny from Freja in the pub a British couple also exploring Ireland (having arriving at the same time and sharing the pontoon with them).  A great evening of bangers and mash and Guinness followed (and was the start of many more to come in Ireland and back in the UK).

Phil also did some shore fishing (this is where he walks along the pier and quays chatting to all the crews on the fishing boats and comes back with a free feed of today’s catch – my opinion is they give him the fish so he will go away and leave them to their work, but whatever – it works).  Enjoyed a good feed of crab claws with the Freja’s.  Looking forward to seeing more of this land called Ireland.

Custom requirements were completed with the local police “Garda” from Rosslare who were very welcoming, they came on board for a cuppa with us and a chat whilst stamping me into their country.  I was given the maximum stay of 90 days and a clear message if I want to stay longer then all I need to do is just see the local Garda where-ever I am and they will happily give me another stamp for another 90 days.

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