Ardmore Bay

Sunshine oh glorious sunshine.

No wind to sail but OH SO perfect sunshine – this is what living on a yacht should be like

Hardly any wind so very, very slow in the boat but oh so beautiful.


And to top off an awesome day on the water there were also basking sharks in the water (spotted 6 of them in the area) and got close to 2 of them and they were happy for us to near them.  They were about 7 meters long with two very distinct dorsal fins and a big wide open white mouth scooping up the plankton in the water.  Magical.  Just magical.

Excitement as we spot the fins
Basking Shark
Mouth open wide

After such a great day on the water we decided to pick up a buoy in Ardmore Bay (amoungst the basking sharks) and take the dingy to shore for fish and chips on the beach for dinner (in the remaining sun) only to learn the fish and chip shop had no chips – devastating!!!

Soaking up the Sun
Overnight stop at Ardmore Bay the home of the Fish & Chip shop with no chips!

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