A sweet little colourful seaside village with a couple of old castles on each side of the river.  Town feels like a very holiday orientated place with lots of B&B and cottages and gift shops galore and everything pretty expensive (from ice-creams to the marina fees) but all very nice especially with the sun shining.

Along the river coming into Kinsale

Two days in shorts and tshirts on the water and we have both got a nice tan already, we stood out at the local beach as all the locals were sparkling white skinned, the beach was full of people all enjoying the weather, many swimming, I went in up to my waist and then chickened out .. far too fresh!  Had a giggle at an old fella asleep on the beach in his shorts and socks – shoes off beside him on the towel!!

IPhone 2022
Castle Ruins – Kinsale

Were passed by the Irish Navy out on the sea who looked like they were heading into Cork.


Leaving Kinsale we sailed past the Old Head of Kinsale Links golf course.  Pictures don’t do it justice but a golf club right on the cliffs around the light house.  I have since googled it and it looks very flash, very expensive and a great place to bash a little white ball around, the views would be spectacular – wind may affect your game pretty severely tho on the wrong day.  Not sure why but the pictures on their web site are much better than mine taken from Red Roo.

My pictures of the Kindle Links Golf Course taken as we sailed past the lighthouse
Kinsale Golf Club
Aerial view compliments of the website!


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