Fenit Harbour Statue

After a full day bashing about in the wind and swell left over from the storm we made it to Fenit.  The weather was confused with the wind ranging from zero to 16 knots, south south easterly.  Motor sailed most of the day (44 nautical miles) turning off motor to sail when the wind would gather to a great 16 knots, then returning to motor when it disappeared.  Slowed down to fish for the last two hours coming into Fenit and caught our first decent sized Pollock but was disappointed with the taste so will stick with Mackerel.  The sail into Fenit through almost fjords was pleasant and would have been lovely to anchor in the right conditions (certainly not for us with the rest of the storm forecast to hit that night and the following day).  The wind got up and blew hard as we were berthing (always the way, making a tricky dock) but we got in and hunkered down with Honri and Marie in SV Luskell also in the marina following the same plan.

IPhone 2134
The Days Catch

We took a stroll in the wind and did manage to catch a game of Hurling on the TV at the pub which was exciting to watch, we had tried to see a game during our inland jaunt from Dingle but no local games were scheduled due to the regional championships which we watched at Fenit pub (nursing two drinks each making them last the entire game….yes we are cheap – but hey we are not working).  It’s an entertaining game to watch, almost a mixture of hockey, football, handball and some other sports thrown in.  The sticks can be vicious, the guys need to be fit and we admit we don’t have all the rules down pat after watching one match, but would be happy to watch more.

Entering Fenit Harbour

Fenit itself was underwhelming, was just a marina and a pub and nothing within walking or cycling distance – I may be being a little harsh as the weather was also terrible so didn’t add to the outlook of the place, but it served its purpose to get us a bit further north and ready for the next leg to Inishmore when the weather allows. We stayed two nights and didn’t leave the boat for the day of the storm, just waited it out.

31 hills and houses
Sailing past some lovely Irish farmland on route to Fenit

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