Diamond Hill – Letterfrack (Fahy Bay)

Near Letterfrack, when I say near Letterfrack I mean no-where near, unlike Phil who assured me we can easily walk into town from the boat.  An hour and a bit later we gave up and headed back to the boat, in his defense we could have made it but the walk was along a fairly busy main road, windy and bushy with virtually no shoulder to walk safely on.

The next day we tried again but this time took the dingy and motored around into the next bay a lot closer to Letterfrack and then walked the last couple of kilometers into town.  It was a small town (but we were able to get bread, milk, cheese, eggs and bacon to keep us fed for the next few days).

IPhone 2244
Oh look – a hill, lets climb it!

The highlight of the area being the Diamond Hill national park just behind the town with the hill towering over the bay.  And what does one do when they see a 442m high hill they climb it of course!  Huff and a puff, it was a short sharp steep climb but the views at the top magnificent.  Furthermore just as we found a little nook at the top to eat our sandwiches who did we find …. Alchemy crew also enjoying their packed lunch!!  They were anchored in a different bay and were also attracted by the hill.  We enjoyed the walk back down with them and a cup of tea before leaving for our respective boats.

Made it to the top
IPhone 2253
The Views – Stunning

IPhone 2251

IPhone 2248

Look who we found at the top – Ginger & Dick (light blue and brown jacket & hat)



Alchemy above at anchor, a long way from the top, but the camera has a very very good zoom, in the picture on the left Alchemy is in the water below the other hill.

Surprisingly the walk down was much easier!

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