Clew Bay

The nearest place to take the boat to Westport was to Rosmoney in Clew Bay.  This left a nice 8km walk into town for us.

Phil needed to verify this!

An enjoyable walk along quiet roads brought us into the town and we enjoyed an afternoon in the pub listening to local musicians putting on some tunes for us.

Everyone in Ireland can play music – we are convinced

We also found a gas bottle outlet where we could refill the bottles so the following day off we set for town again.  This time however we were picked up on the road not far from the boat by a lovely lady who after telling our tale added that her husband was from Inishturk (our last stop) and she was from Kinsale (we stopped here on the South Coast of Ireland), and her kids were at Rosmoney (where we are anchored) attending Sailing School.  The lift was certainly appreciated, especially since we were carrying the gas bottles, and we lashed out and got a taxi back to the boat once they were filled (heavy).

Rosmoney Kids Summer Sailing School

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