Tory Island

P1210570 (1)
The spectacular views on Tory Island

Delightful – the sun is back, and what a place for it to shine.  This small island on the Northern coast.  We arrived nice and early as it wasn’t a long sail and then took off on foot to explore the island (around 5 kilometres long by 1 km wide).  Google tells us it has 144 inhabitants but we certainly didn’t see that many people but I guess there could have been up to 100 dwellings on the island (I wasn’t really counting).

Tory Harbour Quay

They are serviced by a ferry from the mainland and the islands power source is from generators – which oddly enough are situated right in the middle of the main street and next to the houses and is loud and annoying???  If you lived on a fairly remote island with little modern influence I sure as hell wouldn’t want a stinky loud generator to be the focus point and having to listen to it work 24/7.  There is a pub and a store, a few sheep and a small fishing fleet.  They get a fair bit of tourist trade during the summer months and have a few holiday cottages.

Red Roo rafted in Tory Harbour Quay

Some spectacular views were enjoyed on our walk and even decided to have a meal at the pub that night, the captain even surprised me by suggesting that we eat in the restaurant at the pub rather than at the bar…well, well, well who was I too argue.  Sadly we were a little disappointed with the meal, the silver cutlery and white tablecloths were lovely and my salmon nice but phil roast lamb came with potato and salad (yes lettuce with his roast) but the disappointing element of that was the gravy all over the entire meal, lettuce and all.  Guess it wasn’t that bad he was never going to eat the “green stuff” anyway as he so often reminds me – he is not a rabbit.









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