Appropriately named Greencastle

Yep there is a castle (well castle remains) and it is green (covered in green ivy!).  Really only stopped here as we knew Derry (where we were heading) was expensive and we were going to be stuck there due to weather for a week, so we stopped at Greencastle to ease the expense.   Moved on after a couple of days as the pontoons although cheap (free) were exposed to swell and very uncomfortable and jerky and could be easy to do damage.  The other purpose of stopping here was to contact the officials to notify them Maree (the European alien) was leaving the country, after many calls it was decided that is was fine for me to leave – they didn’t really care and I didn’t need an exit stamp!

Sailing to Greencastle
Cruise Ship near Greencastle – no doubt passengers bussed into Derry
Securing our lines at Greencastle

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