We anchored at Crinan in the bay just outside the hundreds of boats on morning buoys, looks like a very popular place for people to have boats (or keep boats and sail from).

The name may be familiar to some as it also the start/end of the Crinan Canal which runs from Crinan to Ardrishaig making it a fantastic short cut from the Firth of Clyde out into the Hebrides (cuts of miles and miles at least a couple of days if you were coming from Glasgow out to the west).  Constructed in 1793-1801 it is a fantastic piece of engineering still used by thousands, it is 9 miles (15 km) long and has 15 locks and 7 bridges en route.

The canal is fresh water (meaning you boat sits a little lower in the water), the two sea locks and one other in the transit are operated by canal staff as well as all the bridges however the remaining 12 locks are operated by the boat crew transiting by hand (pushing lock gates and winding sluices).  We however didn’t take the boat through the canal (would have been going in the wrong direction) but did spend a most enjoyable day on the bikes riding the tow path along the canal the 15 km to the other end and then return (total 30km) watching other yachts and motorboats transiting.

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