What a wonderful scene, it just makes you smile!


Bright, fun and full of colour this waterfront village on the Isle of Mull, and from boat in the anchorage we had the best view.


With the sun shining it was easy to sit, look and enjoy.

IMG_0630We also spotted a Kookaburra in the water, as well as the smallest boat I have ever seen!  It was like a Mr Bean boat, so tiny, so cute!

P1220095Strolling along the waterfront streets that evening also got me a wee bit excited as I spotted my first genuine Scotsman wearing a kilt!  Follow him we did and ended up in a pub with a lot of other men (and ladies) wearing kilts also.  It was the local choir and it was their practice night – at the pub!  A pint and a song or 3 were to be enjoyed.  The men looked dashing in the kilts whereas the ladies not so much as theirs are long and go to the ankles which in my opinion were not so flattering.

IMG_0640Also after feeling a slight vibration when under engine whilst coming into Tobermory the Captain sent the crew into the water to inspect the propeller, and then give it a clean to get the mollusks off it – and bingo no more vibration.  He asked me to pose for a picture, but failed to tell me about the big yucky jelly fish beside me in the water! And yes, it was very cold, hence the fleece lined sharkskin suit.



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