Kallin Harbour & Wizards Pool

After the weather eased enough for us to continue north we spent a night on the hook (anchor) in a wee bay named Wizard Pool just north of Loch Boisdale on South Uist, we didn’t get off the boat just an overnight stop and a frustrating time anchoring in the kelp taking 4 goes to set the anchor.

Next stop was Kallin Harbour (North Uist but really more in the middle of Uist island – East Side) the only other real option for safe harbour before leaving the isles of Uist, and again with the weather forecast we knew we were going to be there a couple of days.

Red Roo in with local boats

We were welcomed by the locals in this wee fishing harbour – they hardly ever see a yacht apparently.  It’s rather shallow to get in (we had to wind the centreboard up a little as it was low tide) but once in there is a large concrete quay for the big scallop and fishing boats that call Kallin home as well as a harbour pool for the smaller private fishing boats who were happy for us to raft in with them.


Bigger fishing boats on the wall outside

Kallin has a large shell fish processing plant  as well as some research and development tanks for some trials on small fish to put into with the salmon farms to eat the parasites.  Again “shore fishing” was very productive with Phil bringing home a catch of scallops from a boat unloading its days catch and myself catching a bag of Langoustines (prawns) and Squat Lobsters (small bugs) from a another boat the following day.

Scallops, Squat Lobsters, Langostines & Salmon Fish Cakes

Cycling on North Uist.

Like the sign says … Failte gu Uibhist a Tuath

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