Loch Maddy

Uninspiring, which was disappointing as I just love the name – reminding me of my old dog back in Australia.  The weather was still blowing a gale and not looking like easing anytime soon which is why we had chosen to go to Loch Maddy as it had pontoons (thinking we would be sheltered) but no, there is little (no) shelter just the pontoons which were exposed to winds from every direction and after the swell started to build from winds the pontoons also had a lot of movement bouncing up and down, in fact so much movement the power running to the boat along the pontoons cut out!  This helped us make the decision to move on early morning and make a bolt for Stornaway (another great name) on the northern most Isle of Lewis, even though we knew it was going to be a long day out on the water in BIG swell.

White caps as the wind starts to build
The big Cal Mac Ferry – which a week after we left broke its lines and hit the yacht pontoon OUCH!!!



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