Loch Aline

We made the passage around Ardnamurchan point easily after our wait in Mallaig to get the best weather and correct tides.  In our Scottish voyage sailing north west before returning south to do the caledonian canal we only had to cover the same piece of water once and that was this small 15 miles back through the Sound of Mull.  On the journey N/W we stopped at Tobermory where we met a lovely couple sailing yacht “Aphrodite” with a mooring in Lochaline (also in the sound of Mull – at the other end), and on our return journey they were kind enough to let us overnight here.  This time the mooring was easy to identify (unlike Gairloch) as they had their name on it.  Scotland still living up to it’s great fishing with a good catch of mackerel brought onboard today, along with a large Pollock (which we confirm we really do not enjoy eating, so won’t be keeping anymore of those we catch).

Heather on the Bow – Scottish Tradition
Sailing near Adrnamurchan Point


Aussie and Scottish Flags

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