Well to be precise the Isle of Kerrera, this is where the marina is and a ferry runs you over to the mainland and the town of Oban.  The marina has seen better days but will serve its purpose for us well. The other boat owners tell us it is for sale as the owner is very old and therefore maintenance has lapsed over the last 5 years (this is quite obvious) so once eventually sold it could come good (or of course go the other way).

On our way to Oban from the Sound of Mull

Lovely scenes coming from the sound of mull into Oban and the gales seem to be a thing of the past as frustratingly the wind is gone and we had to motor sail (either too much wind or not enough), anyway we certainly soaked up the glorious sunshine, even taking a couple of lovely pictures (which have since been turned into postcards).   Did a provisioning shop for the majority of stores (food) to get us through the Caledonian Canal transit, now only days away (exciting – both looking forward to it).

McCraig’s Tower
McCraigs Tower on Oban Hill

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