Mosselbank (Grevelingenmeer)

Nice to be back into easy transits (being inland and protected, no doubt will rack up a lot of engine hours & miles through the canals) however the meres (or lakes as we would call them) are offering some good sailing.

Today after a few bridges and locks we arrived in the Grevelingenmeer and moored at Mosselbank Island AND . . . we had the entire island to ourselves 🙂

It was a small island, taking a whopping 3.5 minutes to walk around the perimeter but it was pretty awesome to have it to ourselves.  Still well ahead of the main sailing season we are not seeing many other recreational vessels (plenty of working barges and ships tho).  This island we can imagine would be jammed packed full of locals and visitors alike making the most of sunny weekends and waterspouts, with a great green field (perfect to kick the footy or play cricket) along with water skiing, swimming and snorkelling on the meer and of course collecting mussels (hence the name of the island), we were too early for collecting muscles but enjoyed our little island home for the night (even more so that these places are free to stop at for 48 hours).

Sailing in the Grevelingenmeer
Red Roo Mosselbank
Shocking Selfie

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