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2017 Red Roo Wrap Up

3283 nautical miles travelled 287 days (departing UK on March 8th returning December 19th) 126 Stops across 9 countries (The Netherlands and Germany visited twice) Countries visited: The Netherlands Germany Poland Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland Sweden Denmark We spent an average of 2.2 days… Continue Reading “2017 Red Roo Wrap Up”

Another Night on the North Sea – The Last Passage for 2017.

We had actually started to think we would be spending Christmas in Holland, and had left our run to the UK too late BUT finally, after two weeks in Vlissingen waiting for suitable weather to cross the North Sea to Ipswich (for winter) an… Continue Reading “Another Night on the North Sea – The Last Passage for 2017.”

St Nicholas Day in Veere & Ready to Launch from Vlissingen

This blogs journey. The fog finally lifted enough for us to leave so we made passage from Bruinisse to Veere (25 nautical miles).  We had perhaps 3 nautical miles visibility at most during passage with at times down to 1.5 n m, but clear… Continue Reading “St Nicholas Day in Veere & Ready to Launch from Vlissingen”

1995 Beer Prices and The Big Muscle

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Oudewetering, Waddinxveen, IJsselmonde (Rotterdam), Willemstad, Bruinisse Amsterdam to Haarlem a mere 13 nautical miles but due to a fuel stop and bridges it took us almost 6 hours to get there under engine (it isn’t appropriate to sail in the channels with… Continue Reading “1995 Beer Prices and The Big Muscle”

Dutch Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet

Firstly the sailing (well motoring) part – Volendam to Amsterdam is again another short hop of 15 nautical miles with one lifting bridge and one lock to navigate and pass through as you leave the Markermeer and enter the Noordzeekanal (basically the waterbody/river from Amsterdam… Continue Reading “Dutch Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet”

Empty Harbours as Winter Sets In

Hindeloopen, Stavoren, Enkhuizen & Volendam. After 3 nights in Harlingen we departed the canal through the sea lock and into the North Sea for a short passage before passing through the Lorentzsluizen (lock) to bring us back into the IJsselmeer.  The IJsselmeer being a… Continue Reading “Empty Harbours as Winter Sets In”

Red Roo Returns to The Netherlands

Back into the wonderful country of Holland, or to be politically correct The Netherlands.  We really enjoyed our time here earlier in the year (March – April) and are quite happy to be back. Motoring on the inland canals is really quite special and… Continue Reading “Red Roo Returns to The Netherlands”

A Night on The North Sea – Germany to The Netherlands

We left Cuxhaven as planned at 4pm on Tuesday to take on the North Sea for a night passage to The Netherlands.  After much data crunching on tides, wind, waves and conditions it was comforting to see 3 other boats heading out at the… Continue Reading “A Night on The North Sea – Germany to The Netherlands”

Dokkum & Lauwersoog

Before we talk about Dokkum lets relive our passage through Burdaard. Burdaard consists of a bridge 200 meters of canal front houses and then a second bridge.  Lovely one could say, and yes it was very pretty, however it was also the place we… Continue Reading “Dokkum & Lauwersoog”


A city of bridges with 6 in total to transit.  The first of those being quite unique.  Most of the bridges we encounter either swing open or go straight up from one hinge, or some of the bigger ones actually have a tower at… Continue Reading “Leeuwarden”