After the many hours motoring in the canals recently it was lovely to be able to sail on the Brassmermeer.  Being a Sunday there were lots of people on the water, small sailing dingy’s with kids out in them as well as small powerful motor boats all with HUGE Netherlands flags (most of them so big they drag in the water), it seems the smaller and lower to the water your boat the bigger your flag should be.

Oudewetering is at the Northern end of the meer (where it forms back into the canal) has free 48 hour canal side berthing (popular on weekends – people packing up as we were arriving).  Great place for us to stop overnight.  Also place to learn a valuable lesson – one (well two of us) must remember to look up for obstructions when berthing yacht with tall mast (we normally focus on things in the water and shore that would damage the hull), as the beautiful big tree’s proving shade and picture perfect berths can also (and did) hit the mast spreaders.  Lucky they were very small ends of the branches but they were full of seeds which then proceeded to fall and cover the decks and get inside every open window and hatch which were all open making the most of the sunshine.

Oudewetering bridge opening in the canal.

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