Talk about excitement . . we were coming through the lifting bridges into the city (about 6 of them), and no doubt keeping all the locals entertained with my very Aussie/Western accent getting tongue tied trying to pronounce the bridge names over the VHF radio to get them opened as we arrived, and once in the centre basin we did a double take and looked again to be sure, but yes, it was an Aussie Flag flying from the stern of a massive yacht (meaning the boat registered in Australia).

What’s even more exciting was that it was a stunning wooden schooner (BIG Schooner) called Windjammer.


It is only the second Aussie boat we have seen – we are a UK boat in case you are wondering, having registered her in UK whilst in Europe making things a lot easier for moving around.  As we were tying up behind her a couple popped their heads up and gave a wave to be met with us yelling “G’Day” and then lots of babbling on about how we were Aussie, where each of us were from etc.  Was great to meet the Windjammers and swap stories they have had an exciting 5 years away from home (Queensland) exploring the world including the extremities such as Antarctica, Capetown, Patagonia, The Pacific, Alaska, US West Coast, Mexico, Galapagos, Easter Island, Carribbean, Nova Scotia – yes we are very, very jealous.  A great adventure and a magnificent vessel.


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