Nice to be back out onto a meer (big enough to sail in) rather than the canals, and up with sails Red Roo took the breeze with a lovely sail across to Hoorn.

Having spent the majority of the day cycling back and forth to fill gas bottles we didn’t leave Volendam until late and therefore didn’t arrive in Horn until 6ish being one of the last boats in and therefore no wall space left to tie up to.

A full harbour at Hoorn
Almost a pirate ship

Most yachts were rafted 3 deep, the problem being that those that were not three deep were a lot smaller than us and therefore unstable to tie (raft) onto, we spotted a very large motor boat with a slightly smaller motorboat rafted to it that was similar size to us and flying a english flag (English Boat, therefore a good chance they will speak english also, but you never know) so came along side and tied up.   “Welcome to Hoorn, do you like wine?” said Martin and Robbie from the boat Liz, great question, and yes we do like wine . . . we went on to enjoy (more than one bottle) of wine with the guys aboard Liz that evening.  They keep their boat in Holland and use it as often as possible, being easy to get to and from it from London.  They had to leave the next morning as the long weekend was drawing to a close but we sincerely hope to catch them for another evening on our way back from the Baltic later in the year.

We did the self guided walking tour of Hoorn – superbly commentated by the captain and all his bullshit facts before raising the sails and moving north ourselves.  It has come to our attention that the year is flying by and we are still in Holland, we really should get a shuffle on and get to the Baltic, or at least to the next country – Germany.

Hanging out with the locals
New Chick
Stopping the building from falling over it was on quite a lean
Another crooked building
Anything but straight buildings

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