Heading to Lemmer across the IJsselmeer we knew this would be our last chance to sail in The Netherlands as the remainder of our time would be once again in the canals before popping out into the north sea to Germany, and it was a great day for sailing.  Perfect winds, good angle in the sails and a bright sunny warm day.

Back into the canals at Lemmer and an overnight stop.  Much to Phil’s delight right near a Lidl Supermarket perfect as he was almost out of beer.  They use a create system over here where you buy the create of beer (including the old fashioned crete) and pay a fee for the bottles and crete which is refundable when you return them – or swap them back for a full create once empty.  We have found a beer we like which costs a whopping €7.99 (for 24), making it much more enjoyable being cheap, it was also nice to be able to take both empty create and bottles and the heavy new create and bottles to the shop within easy walking distance rather than lugging it miles or even balancing it on the handle bars of the bike as a certain someone has been known to do (you will drop it one day Phil).


We met a great British family Dave, Gill & Vicky who live in northern England, work in Scotland and keep their boat and sail in Holland.  Love it our kind of people.  Also a bonus Vicky spent last winter in Victoria (Australia) as a ski instructor and is a fantastic nordic skiing champion.  We had a great evening on board Red Roo with them and once again hope it’s not the last time we see them.



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