A city of bridges with 6 in total to transit.  The first of those being quite unique.  Most of the bridges we encounter either swing open or go straight up from one hinge, or some of the bigger ones actually have a tower at each end and the whole road piece lifts up in-between on a pulleys staying horizontally flat, however the first bridge into Leeuwarden was really quite strange, it was like an arm lifting the whole section of road up from the bridge and it lifted at a very strange angle and was really very different.

The funny lifting bridge!



It is always a bit of a guess as to what a town will have in the way of berth, some being concrete walls, others wooden pontoons but Leeuwarden had beautiful green lawns and gardens all along the canal sides with plenty of room to berth, so of course we squeeze in between two other boats to a place where they have just laid sand and planted new grass seeds which equalled sand being carted on deck and imbedded in the lines to shore!  But who am I to argue with the captain about where we berth!!  In his defence it was sheltered from the wind (hence why the 6 boats all gathered there over the other kilometres of shore line) and was also close to the amenities block, but still the grit and sand in the boat – grrrrrrrr!!! and of course it also rained so that it soon became mud.

Leeuwarden Canal
Red Roo Leeuwarden

Note in the picture above the lovely green grass near the white boat in the foreground, and if you look carefully you can see the grey sand/mud at Red Roo.

Leeuwarden was a bigger town than we had been to for quite some time (since Amsterdam) and to be honest we really both prefer the smaller places.   However with the garden berth we were easily able avoid the city, and it felt very tranquil especially as they have music in the gardens each Sunday and we were in for a special treat with todays music being bagpipes…so nice to hear the sounds of Scotland again.

Another leaning church

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