Solo Sailing Poland, Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia

Since taking Red Roo single handed while Maree went out on R&R (forced due to visa restrictions in the EU) Phil has successfully sailed Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and into Estonia where we met up again.


From Swinoujscie in Poland he stopped at Kolobrzeg, Darlowo, Leba, Hel (yes it does exist and funny enough it’s in Poland) and Gdansk.

Gdansk is also the place Phil said that was most similar to a normal westernised country as we would expect, not quite as poor as he had seen in the earlier places.


He departed Gdansk (Poland) and set out on a big 24 hour overnight sail (solo) to Lithuania and arrived safely in Klaipeda.  Klaipeda is the only port to stop in Lithuania with the coast line for the country being rather small.


Next stop is the country of Latvia where he arrived in Liepaja and also stopped at Pavilosta as well as Ventspils – again not a big coast line so only 3 stops in Latvia.


Estonia however has more coast to offer and his first arrival port was Kuressaare.  This is where we began to make plans for myself to return to Red Roo having been out of the EU for just over a month.  With flight locations and travel costs taken into consideration we decided on Tallinn (Estonia’s capital) but between Kuressaare and Tallinn he boat hopped and stopped at; Kuivastu, Sviby & Happsalu.

Phil has loosely promised to write a couple of blog posts about his time in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia solo sailing and looking around, however these things take time, so don’t hold your breath (I am still waiting two years down the track for a post he has promised to write about his story of buying Red Roo).  I will however leave a bookmark here in the hope that this happens and will also alert you in the normal blogs if and when he gets around to it and link back for those that want to read 🙂

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