Pirates of Disneyland

I know its a total contradiction to the idea of a break but we have returned from our break even more exhausted than when we left, BUT with massive smiles on our faces and so very very happy after spending some very special time with the best of friends who did the huge haul with children in tow all the way from Australia to meet us in London and Paris.  Words can’t thank the Eggintons enough for recharging our emotional batteries with lots of love, laughs, wine and stories from home as well as smuggling over some Vegemite and Bundy Rum for us – magnificent!

London was required as Maree was due to leave the EU again for visa reasons and that is where the reunion took place right next to Lizzie and Philip in Buckingham Palace as we had an apartment on the same street just a few houses away – yes, we fitted right in.

We Loved London
More London Laughs
Buckingham Palace & The Royal Stables

Next it was Paris, and as well as the usual highlights this city has to offer we also spent the best day ever at Disneyland 🙂  It is really hard to say who had a better time the kids or us older kids sometimes referred to as adults!!  Phil was keen to do all the “spew rides” as were the kids, myself was a little more hesitant but was dragged along and survived (just).

The Roo’s in Paris
Pirates of Disneyland
Paris … Jackaroo not only ate the snails but kind of liked them!
Disneyland Fun
More Disneyland Fun

I know many of you subscribe or read this blog to hear about sailing and not about our holidays but I just had to include this little interlude to thank Mel, Grant, Jack, Ale, Eden, as well as Denis, Sandy, Felicity & Dane as it was very special, fun and much needed recharge from loved ones at home.  There are people in life that whilst not always near definitely help you sail the seas that we call life!

We also managed to spend a day with Maree’s Auntie and Uncle from Tasmania which was a real fluke as they were on an 8 week Europe holiday covering about 10 countries and it worked out they had their one and only free day for the trip in Paris, a day after the other Aussie troop left so we stayed the extra night to spend the day together . . . with Uncle Allen and Maree eating snails for lunch!

Tasmanian’s in Paris

So now we are back in Denmark (I will never get used to how easy and cheap it is to get around between European Countries), and as exhausted as we are we are also re-energised (told you its a contradiction) to get back out on the water and return to our 2017 adventure in the Baltic Sea, we have more to see yet before calling curtains and looking for a winter hideaway.

112 MapRed Roo was a wonderful sight to return to in Gilleleje and I am sure she also appreciated the break as much as we did.  The weather that greeted us however wasn’t as pretty with winds howling in from the East at times well over 30 knots, so have spent a couple of quiet days doing jobs, washing, creating a couple of new shore lines with suspension shocks built in – much nicer than being jerked around in this wind, re-whipping old lines, restocking the fridge with food, etc and generally getting ready to sail again, now all we have to do is decide which way to go . . . 


3 Comments on “Pirates of Disneyland

  1. Hi Maree & Phil
    Good to hear you are back on board, happy & healthy after a great holiday.
    Lots of love Sandy & Denis.

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  2. Oh I love looking back on all these pics. What a trip. Wish we could do it all again. Miss you both so much already. Thank you for coming and joining us and creating some of the best memories.
    You should head our way to get away from the cold for winter :). xo

    Liked by 1 person

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