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2017 Red Roo Wrap Up

3283 nautical miles travelled 287 days (departing UK on March 8th returning December 19th) 126 Stops across 9 countries (The Netherlands and Germany visited twice) Countries visited: The Netherlands Germany Poland Lithuania Latvia Estonia Finland Sweden Denmark We spent an average of 2.2 days… Continue Reading “2017 Red Roo Wrap Up”

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailors?

The islands of Lyø and Ærø – Denmark. Continuing our journey south we left Middelfart on a calm still morning with grey skies and dampness in the air, but not actually raining – always look on the bright side. Our destination was 39 nautical… Continue Reading “What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailors?”

Back on the Water – Gilleleje, Odden Havn, Ballen & Middelfart (Denmark)

We ended up staying an additional week in Gilleleje after returning from London/Paris due to unusually strong and persistent winds from the East.  So strong were the winds that it blew so much water around that the water level in the harbour came up… Continue Reading “Back on the Water – Gilleleje, Odden Havn, Ballen & Middelfart (Denmark)”

Helsingør & Gilleleje . . . any wetter and we would be swimming.

After four nights we departed Copenhagen on a drizzly wet Thursday afternoon heading north away from the capital city to explore the more regional areas of Denmark (and to cheaper harbours). We slipped easily out of our box mooring (first one, so first time… Continue Reading “Helsingør & Gilleleje . . . any wetter and we would be swimming.”

Copenhagen. Princess Mary . . It should have been me!

We all know the story a beautiful lady from Tasmania (I know you are all thinking of me) however it was Mary who met Prince Fredrick in Sydney at a pub during the Olympics and went onto marry him to become a Princess and… Continue Reading “Copenhagen. Princess Mary . . It should have been me!”

Dropping in on some Danish Dirt

Jeg kan ikke tale ret maget dansk (I don’t speak much Danish) so you will have to make do with English. Christiansø After our day off waiting out strong winds on Utklippan we headed 43 nautical miles south west to the Danish Island of… Continue Reading “Dropping in on some Danish Dirt”