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Touring Tunisia

Before leaving Tunisia to sail off into the greater Mediterranean Sea we teamed up once again with the crews from yachts ‘Sweetie’ (USA) Tony & Shannon and ‘Caffe Latte’ (Canada) Jean & Yolène to explore the south and west of Tunisia.  You may remember our… Continue Reading “Touring Tunisia”

Red Roo Haul Out

It was time to take Red Roo out of the water and tackle the maintenance she was due.  The priority for this haul out was to replace the propeller shaft stern tube seal which prevents the water from entering the boat along the propeller… Continue Reading “Red Roo Haul Out”

Months Spent In Monastir

Arriving in Monastir on New Years Eve we saw in the New Year with long time cruising friends “Sweetie” sharing a meal out (early at 5:30pm as the covid curfew meant restaurants shut at 7pm) then back to “Sweetie” for games, laughter and of… Continue Reading “Months Spent In Monastir”

Tunisia – Red Roo Is Back In Africa

Arriving in Bizerte, Tunisia on the 15th December 2020, we really didn’t know what to expect as far as checking into a foreign country in these new Covid times.  To our pleasant surprise it was easy and we received a most warm and sincere welcome… Continue Reading “Tunisia – Red Roo Is Back In Africa”

Off again ⛵️ into the mediterranean sea

Tuesday 3rd November 2020, a day to remember – it was the day we finally threw off the dock lines at La Linea de la Concepción, Spain after our long unplanned hiatus.  This wonderful day however didn’t come easy and there was certainly more… Continue Reading “Off again ⛵️ into the mediterranean sea”

That sinking feeling

We have a boat, we have done our apprenticeship – successfully sailing over 8,600 nautical miles over four years through 16 countries.  Does this mean we don’t make mistakes?  Nope, it certainly does not! We made a big one, so big that Red Roo… Continue Reading “That sinking feeling”


🏆😊 Early in 2019 Red Roo was awarded the “Lacey Trophy” from ‘The Cruising Association’ for Best Blog & Website Covering a Cruising Year – 2018 … Yay Us! As a result we have been published/featured (a whopping 5 page spread!) in “Cruising” magazine… Continue Reading “We WON!”

Morocco to Spain via Australia

It was well and truly time to get back on the water and after spending winter, a wonderful 3 months in Morocco, followed by an unplanned 6 week trip back to Australia our scheduled January departure for our 2019 sailing adventures into the Mediterranean… Continue Reading “Morocco to Spain via Australia”

Chefchaouen & The Rif Mountains – Winter in Morocco

The new year arrived in Morocco and whilst the weather is mild for winter to say the least, the winds have been having a bit of a blow so we decided to stay for an extra couple of weeks before heading into the Mediterranean.… Continue Reading “Chefchaouen & The Rif Mountains – Winter in Morocco”

Morocco Part II Exploring Inland

Marrakech, Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert & Fes We were both very keen to explore more of Morocco than just the coast and Tangier so after learning the best and worst bits from fellow boaters who had recently done the same and advice from friend… Continue Reading “Morocco Part II Exploring Inland”