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Travelling Turkiye – The Black Sea & Inland Train

With Red Roo having been booked and paid into the marina for a six month stay (which was our most cost effective choice given we needed to haul out and and to also get Turkish residency for the winter), we took advantage and used… Continue Reading “Travelling Turkiye – The Black Sea & Inland Train”

Red Roo Winter Makeover

Check out our 3 minute video below which condenses a month of work on Red Roo out of the water in Turkey this winter! Details of the work (listed in previous blog post Talking Turkey) It was a long 7 step process; Hand sand… Continue Reading “Red Roo Winter Makeover”

Talking Turkey

Winter has again flown by so quickly, we have been at the dock since mid November and upon arrival it felt like we had so much time to do all we wanted but time goes so quickly, and we are now planning our last… Continue Reading “Talking Turkey”

2021 The Year That Was …

As another year draws to a close and we celebrate the next one making plans of all it may bring, it is also time to reflect and tally what we achieved over the last 12 months. I find it hard to believe that time… Continue Reading “2021 The Year That Was …”

Exploring Cappadocia – Turkey

We had been in Turkey 3 weeks, Red Roo was safe and secure in the marina, our most pressing and immediate winter jobs underway (many more to go, but they could wait until the new year) and we were itching to get out and… Continue Reading “Exploring Cappadocia – Turkey”

To Turkey in Two Hours

It was just 2 hours – 11 nautical miles to Turkey (Datça), it was within sight the whole time.  In fact it had been insight for the last week as we finished the last few islands in Greece which are just off the Turkish… Continue Reading “To Turkey in Two Hours”