To Turkey in Two Hours

It was just 2 hours – 11 nautical miles to Turkey (Datça), it was within sight the whole time.  In fact it had been insight for the last week as we finished the last few islands in Greece which are just off the Turkish coast.

It was a clear and beautiful day but without wind, so we motored over to Turkey and anchored off the beach right in the town.

We are in a NEW CONTINENT – ASIA !!

That is our third for the year; Africa, Europe & Asia all in Red Roo.

Pretty amazing when you think of it like this.

Checking into the country was next, which in Turkey is a little different as you cannot complete the formalities yourself, you need to engage an agent to do this for you (which means money).  We had been recommended an agent and after the traditional Turkish welcome of drinking tea with him and his wife he then went off to complete the formalities (and we went off to find an ATM and get some Turkish Lira to operate with) two hours later we had a stamp in our passport and a Turkish Cruising Permit for Red Roo.

The following morning a smaller yacht anchored beside us and says G’Day. Allan is Australian but married a Turkish lady (Hale) and although they are Australian they are currently living in Datça (where we were anchored).  We later went to their home and enjoyed a drink and lovely chat gaining some great local information on operating a boat in Turkey and some land travel suggestions.

For the next 9 days there wasn’t any sailing winds forecasted and we were actually already very close to our marina where we have our winter reservation for 3 months. So we anchored in 7 nearby anchorages whilst making our way to the marina (averaging just a very short 12 nautical miles or around 2 hours under motor between each anchorage) very relaxed.

Our Passage from Greece to Turkey to our winter Marina.
1 Symi (Greece) – 2 Datca – 3 Çiftlik Koyu – 4 Bencik – 5 Orhaniye – 6 Dirsek –
7 Bozukkale – 8 Ciftlik – 9 Marmaris Yacht Marina

We are now secured in the Marina for our winters rest – otherwise called winter maintenance and jobs period (not a lot of rest to be had).  

There are some perks to marina life such as shore facilities; toilets and showers (no limits on hot water, oh how I love a good long shower), we are plugged into shore power, no sleepless nights at anchor, we are next to a national park so can step off the boat anytime for a walk amongst the wonderful forest.  There is a supermarket and laundry on site (can’t say that I am missing the bucket for laundry at all).  As well as a bar (with pool tables), restaurant, library and a swimming pool (but its a little cold – that’s from first hand experience). 

This is a big boat yard … I mean really big, with lots of boats in and out of the water being rebuilt and under maintenance, so big that there is also an actual staff workers cafeteria serving breakfast lunch and dinner.  We went to investigate and for $20 turkish lira, that’s $2.15 Australian dollars you get 4 courses.  The menu changes daily and is published each week, the day we went we enjoyed chicken casserole, pasta, salad & fruit as well as bread and tea and water.  Many of the cruisers in the marina eat here daily saying you can’t cook for that price!  My only concern is that this Saturday they are serving Engineers for main course!  Turns out it is actually artichoke and potato.

Engineer for dinner anyone?

The marina is located 12 kilometers out of the main town of Marmaris and their is a “Dolmus” which is a cross between a bus and a taxi (a minivan) that goes to town and back each hour for 5.50 local currency (59 cents Australian).  We have familiarised ourselves with town and been to the weekly market where again we were very impressed by the local fresh fruit and vegetable produce as well as the prices.  

We have gotten straight into the boat jobs ticking a few off the list already and are also planning to do some inland travel and adventures to see a lot more of Turkey.

There are some perks being in a Marina for a little while …

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  1. Another excellent adventure for us to enjoy vicariously while we sit on the dock fixing stuff!!! Thankyou!!xxx

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