Raising the Netherlands Flag

And 26 hours after leaving the the shores of England (Ipswich) we arrived in Vlissingen – The Netherlands (formally Holland).  The sail went well without issues, which is always nice.  We left the marina at 13:00 and had a very leisurely motor down the River Orwell with big waves to Pat, Clare and Sam who were at Langaurd point Felixstowe to wave us farewell at the river entrance around 15:30.  Spectacular views as the sun set with the Felixstowe operations in the background and the moon out in the sky.

Knock off bear before bed – Maree’s turn on watch

Motor/sailing for the first few hours before the wind held enough to cut the engine from then on great wind and good progress.  A couple of shifts each during the night with both of us having to make a turn during a watch to avoid a vessel (a fishing boat for me and a ship for Phil).  The wind and waves were up by morning and blowing quite hard but in our direction which was nice as we made the coast and entered the the busy river traffic (most of it large ships travelling into Antwerp) and then through the lock into Vlissingen.

Land … The Netherlands

The usual run around to alert customs and immigration of our arrival and a couple of hours kip to make up for the overnight sail and we were on our feet exploring Holland.

The next day we learnt that our plan to take the canals north to Middleburg would have to be revised as the bridges on the canals couldn’t be opened as they were still in winter maintenance.  So back out to the north sea and around it would be (the first of a few detours).

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