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Copenhagen. Princess Mary . . It should have been me!

We all know the story a beautiful lady from Tasmania (I know you are all thinking of me) however it was Mary who met Prince Fredrick in Sydney at a pub during the Olympics and went onto marry him to become a Princess and… Continue Reading “Copenhagen. Princess Mary . . It should have been me!”

Sweden’s Stone Ship – Two Ports in One Day

A new day another country . . . back to Sweden (mainland) which you can’t quite see from Bornholm (Denmark) but it isn’t far 28 nautical miles (that’s 32 of the land based miles or 52km for those of us trained to imperial measurements),… Continue Reading “Sweden’s Stone Ship – Two Ports in One Day”

Dropping in on some Danish Dirt

Jeg kan ikke tale ret maget dansk (I don’t speak much Danish) so you will have to make do with English. Christiansø After our day off waiting out strong winds on Utklippan we headed 43 nautical miles south west to the Danish Island of… Continue Reading “Dropping in on some Danish Dirt”

Still Sailing Sweden

Carrying on from our last post we were in Nykoping and had enjoyed a fantastic sail in from the archipelago and were most excited about refilling our English gas bottles.  I feel in all that excitement I may have neglected Nykoping a little as… Continue Reading “Still Sailing Sweden”

Singing in the Sauna – Sweden

Snaking our way to Stockholm via the archipelago … and suddenly we are in Sweden – don’t you love it when a plan comes together, we knew heading West would work. The first hour out of Aland Islands was motor sailing to get around… Continue Reading “Singing in the Sauna – Sweden”

Åland Islands – Sandö, Kobba Klintar & Mariehamn

West we must travel, we need to get to the Åland Islands and onto Sweden, we could easily spend another month in in these Finish islands (visiting every sauna – not), but we really should save some sunny days for the Swedish Archipelago, which… Continue Reading “Åland Islands – Sandö, Kobba Klintar & Mariehamn”

Finland Archipelago Part II – Did you know there are cows in heaven?

Örö, Hummelholmen, Björkö, Jurmo, Aspö, Österskär & Jungfruskär Örö After two nights in Hanko the winds had abated and we were off again destination Örö. Örö was a closed military zone for over one hundred years and only re-opened to the public in 2015. … Continue Reading “Finland Archipelago Part II – Did you know there are cows in heaven?”

Finland Archipelago Part I – 5 Locations, 6 Nights & 7 BBQ’s

Gåsgrund, Stora Svartö, Elisaari / Älgsjö, Alglo Island, Älgö Rödjan & Hanko Warning; this is going to be a long one (in fact it is so long I have decided to split it into two parts, purely to make it less taxing on you). … Continue Reading “Finland Archipelago Part I – 5 Locations, 6 Nights & 7 BBQ’s”

24 Hours in Helsinki

Well actually 2 nights & 1 day but the title above works better, regardless of the time and title we thought Helsinki was great! A day sail from Tallinn (Estoina) across to Helsinki of 45 nautical miles, with two very distinct halves in the… Continue Reading “24 Hours in Helsinki”

Red Roo Team Reunited – Tallinn, Estonia

Maree returned to Red Roo in Tallinn – Estonia (many, many, many thanks to Pat, Sam, Honey, Clare, Wendy and Michael in the UK who made me welcome whilst waiting to return to the boat).  So we are now back on track to continue… Continue Reading “Red Roo Team Reunited – Tallinn, Estonia”