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1995 Beer Prices and The Big Muscle

Amsterdam, Haarlem, Oudewetering, Waddinxveen, IJsselmonde (Rotterdam), Willemstad, Bruinisse Amsterdam to Haarlem a mere 13 nautical miles but due to a fuel stop and bridges it took us almost 6 hours to get there under engine (it isn’t appropriate to sail in the channels with… Continue Reading “1995 Beer Prices and The Big Muscle”

Dutch Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet

Firstly the sailing (well motoring) part – Volendam to Amsterdam is again another short hop of 15 nautical miles with one lifting bridge and one lock to navigate and pass through as you leave the Markermeer and enter the Noordzeekanal (basically the waterbody/river from Amsterdam… Continue Reading “Dutch Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet”

Empty Harbours as Winter Sets In

Hindeloopen, Stavoren, Enkhuizen & Volendam. After 3 nights in Harlingen we departed the canal through the sea lock and into the North Sea for a short passage before passing through the Lorentzsluizen (lock) to bring us back into the IJsselmeer.  The IJsselmeer being a… Continue Reading “Empty Harbours as Winter Sets In”

Red Roo Returns to The Netherlands

Back into the wonderful country of Holland, or to be politically correct The Netherlands.  We really enjoyed our time here earlier in the year (March – April) and are quite happy to be back. Motoring on the inland canals is really quite special and… Continue Reading “Red Roo Returns to The Netherlands”

A Night on The North Sea – Germany to The Netherlands

We left Cuxhaven as planned at 4pm on Tuesday to take on the North Sea for a night passage to The Netherlands.  After much data crunching on tides, wind, waves and conditions it was comforting to see 3 other boats heading out at the… Continue Reading “A Night on The North Sea – Germany to The Netherlands”

Closing the Baltic Loop at Laboe

Denmark to Germany & The Kiel Canal. It never fails to amaze me how close and easy it is to sail between countries over here (well I guess many of them are joined by land unlike Australia so really you can walk to your… Continue Reading “Closing the Baltic Loop at Laboe”

What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailors?

The islands of Lyø and Ærø – Denmark. Continuing our journey south we left Middelfart on a calm still morning with grey skies and dampness in the air, but not actually raining – always look on the bright side. Our destination was 39 nautical… Continue Reading “What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailors?”

Back on the Water – Gilleleje, Odden Havn, Ballen & Middelfart (Denmark)

We ended up staying an additional week in Gilleleje after returning from London/Paris due to unusually strong and persistent winds from the East.  So strong were the winds that it blew so much water around that the water level in the harbour came up… Continue Reading “Back on the Water – Gilleleje, Odden Havn, Ballen & Middelfart (Denmark)”

Pirates of Disneyland

I know its a total contradiction to the idea of a break but we have returned from our break even more exhausted than when we left, BUT with massive smiles on our faces and so very very happy after spending some very special time… Continue Reading “Pirates of Disneyland”

Helsingør & Gilleleje . . . any wetter and we would be swimming.

After four nights we departed Copenhagen on a drizzly wet Thursday afternoon heading north away from the capital city to explore the more regional areas of Denmark (and to cheaper harbours). We slipped easily out of our box mooring (first one, so first time… Continue Reading “Helsingør & Gilleleje . . . any wetter and we would be swimming.”